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IT Asset and Configuration Management

Asset and Configuration Management:-

Miradore’s asset and configuration management features collect and maintain comprehensive information on financial, contractual, physical, and logical aspects of managed devices and their relationships to other assets. All devices, whether they are PCs, servers, smartphones or network devices, can be tracked and managed throughout their entire lifecycle via a single pane of glass.

Power Management

Miradore power management capabilities have been integrated into Miradore’s asset and configuration management features. The power management capabilities like tracking and reporting of managed device’s power states, and the ability to automate computers’ nightly shutdowns, help to monitor computers’ power consumption, and achieve sustainable cost savings.

Miradore provides accurate and reliable software inventory from managed devices, and automation for software license compliance and utilization tracking. Miradore automatically gathers information on executable files and software installed on the managed devices, and is also able to tell the software usage frequency in Windows devices. In addition, Miradore keeps track of license contracts stored in Miradore and alarms responsible(s) if breaches in license compliance take place. Miradore can also be configured to automatically handle software license allocation based on identified installations, which reduces the demand of manual work and helps to achieve cost savings in software licensing. As Miradore constantly oversees software installations and usage, the rarely used software, leftover licenses, and license violations can be found easily.
Miradore’s packaging feature enables to build installation packages, which are basically collections of automated tasks used to perform administrative tasks for a computer or mobile device. These tasks may include installing, modifying, or uninstalling software, drivers, settings etc. The installation packages can be remotely deployed to a single or multiple devices at once, or they can be attached to some certain location, organization, operating system, or device role to enable automated installation based on device properties or its intended use. 
Miradore's endpoint backup solution enables automated backing up of local files to a destination at local USB drive, remote file server, or network attached storage device. With Miradore’s endpoint backup, administrators can define company wide backup configurations for company files or configure device-specific backup settings for safeguarding the user’s personal files. In addition, the device end-users can define personal backup configurations by themselves using a simple GUI.

Remote Control

Miradore’s remote control feature enables IT staff to remotely control the keyboard and mouse, and view the desktop of Windows computers.The remote control enables the secure provisioning of attended and unattended remote support services. This means that, the IT end-users can invite the supporter to view their screen(s) and share the control over keyboard and mouse, or on the other hand, the IT staff can remotely administrate unattended remote computers, like servers.

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